Rachel Ossip

reading together

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Reading Together is an interactive project investiating the possiblity of an alternate, collaborative mode of reading.

The process of reading is linked to a deeply ingrained system: the intake of a linear sequence of sentences (which run, in Western languages, left to right and top to bottom). One expects to be an individual, passive receptacle for the message expressed. Breaking down traditional systems of form, image, and grammar often signals the difference between prose and poetry. Yet reading poetry is still either solitary experience or a passive output/intake from a single reader to one or many listeners.

How can the recombination and re-imagination of the expected system of reading create an active relationship between reader and text? How can reading a text become a participatory experience? This initial experiment serves to explore a possible direction, bringing to light the many difficulties and poetic possibilities of simultaneous reading. 2013.

Videos, playable simultaneously or individually, document the paired reading experiences.

Participants responded to the experience.